Retrofit and upgrades offer impressive ROI with immediate energy consumption and cost savings

Utility rebates can minimize initial investment

If you’re considering a mechanical system upgrade, you’ll want HiMEC Service by your side to provide a professional, thought-out approach that makes the most sense for your business. Our technician will meet with you to review your current mechanical systems, and provide an asset evaluation. During the course of the meeting, you’ll be shown comparative options and recommendations on new systems that will significantly reduce energy consumption and costs.


You can off-set the costs of many systems upgrades using rebate programs that support renewable energy and promote the installation of renewable energy systems and energy efficiency measures. The majority of rebate programs are administered by states, municipal utilities and electric cooperatives and commonly provide funding for solar water heating and/or photovoltaic (PV) systems.  As a part of HiMEC’s exceptional customer service we identify all eligible rebate options and complete the applications for you.

We can help you with variable volume refrigeration, LEED certification, Energy Star products and many other in-demand products and services.