Dedicated to the details

Reviewing plans & specs, utilizing multiple sources, and anticipating the unexpected

The Harris Mechanical estimating team is a dynamic group of knowledgeable, experienced, and detail-oriented construction professionals who work closely with field supervisors, the Harris fab shop, and its in-house virtual design group to ensure that every cost is captured during the estimating process.

The team takes full ownership of the mechanical budget process, and given limited information can layout mechanical systems and provide accurate budget detail.   System breakdowns, quantity take-offs, option pricing for Value Engineering (VE) analysis, and scope issues/opportunities are provided for the project team to evaluate.

Harris utilizes construction take-off software updated with the latest commodity material and labor pricing to determine piping, plumbing and ductwork systems fabrication costs, and bases equipment and subcontractor costs on quotes from multiple sources as budgeting by any other method is risky and can lead to significant price variations.

During each phase of preconstruction, the mechanical project budget is updated to reflect the latest building size, program and mechanical scope changes, and a detailed mechanical cost breakdown is provided to offer complete visibility of the changes and the resulting final project budget at that time.

During preplanning and throughout construction, budget details also assist in generating project schedules, manpower projections, productivity tracking, and managing costs through to completion.