Optimizing the productivity and life cycle of mechanical systems from the start

Building long-term customer relationships beyond construction

From the very beginning of a project when shop drawings and OEM documentation are received, Harris Mechanical Southwest establishes procedures and designates a professional start-up and commissioning team to manage the closeout process.

The team verifies that the project was completed and set-up properly, trains the customer’s on-site teams, troubleshoots issues, and serves as the “bridge” between the project team and the operations, maintenance, and measurement/verification teams.

Once the project is complete and during the warranty period, the Harris team works with the Owner to ensure that basic preventive maintenance (testing, inspecting, cleaning, aligning, calibrating, tightening, adjusting, and lubricating) and any necessary adjustments will be completed beyond owner occupancy…an important step that can dramatically impact energy savings, breakdowns, and system life.

From construction to owner occupation, Harris’s comprehensive closeout process is designed to not only meet but exceed customer expectations for the successfully delivery and energy efficient performance of the systems we install.


AZ Licenses:
ROC 243133, ROC 243728, ROC 246399, ROC 275172, ROC 291467

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