American Airlines

Office and Data Center Renovation

  • Owner:
    American Airlines
  • Location:
    Tempe, AZ
  • Scope:
    HVAC, Piping

Harris Mechanical Southwest helped American Airlines renovate their office and data center to adjust to changing business needs. Construction took place in four phases to accommodate the occupants.

One phase of the project scope included removal of seven existing fluid cooler fan sections and replacing them with new fan sections. This work had to be scheduled with the owner so that at least two existing fluid coolers and a redundant cooler were always on line. The owner’s data center could not be shut down.

After, the team demolished the existing water source heat pumps and all associated ductwork and air distribution. Twenty-eight new water source heat pumps were installed along with new ductwork, air distribution, and condenser water piping. New fan coils were installed with duct work to each of the new heat pumps to deliver fresh outside air.

The project wrapped up with all new controls tied to the existing BAS and testing and balancing of the new systems.