Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Plant

  • Owner:
    British Nuclear Fuels
  • Location:
    Scoville, ID
  • Approach:
  • Scope:
    HVAC, Seismic Bracings

Superior Air Handling, a division of Harris Companies, fabricated and installed the stainless steel and galvanized HVAC duct systems and equipment for the clean and process areas of the British Nuclear Fuels Ltd. Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Plant. This plant is located on the site of the Idaho National Environmental and Engineering Laboratory.

This project was designed and built to process nuclear waste. Design, fabrication and installation were performed under a strict quality control program made necessary by the radioactive waste that passes through Superior’s duct systems.

Superior installed the elaborate HEPA filter, damper and test port equipment and designed and installed the seismic bracing and supports for the HVAC system. The project consisted of single stage, dual stage and three stage HEPA filtration systems with stringent low leakage duct rates. To meet the challenging schedule requirements, Superior’s project staff peaked at more than 100 shop and office employees and 10 field employees.