Cannon Falls High School Renovation

Ventilation Improvements

  • Owner:
    Cannon Falls School District
  • Location:
    Cannon Falls, MN
  • Scope:
    Lump Sum DBB
  • Approach:
    Plumbing, HVAC, Piping

The Cannon Falls High School Ventilation Improvement project had a very aggressive schedule. Nearly all of the work needed to be completed during the summer months while school was not in session. At the peak, we had 40 people working on-site, in addition to those fabricating in the shop. At a time when the labor market was very tight, we were able to leverage resources from Rochester, Zumbrota and St. Paul to complete the project without delay.

HiMEC added cooling capability to the school by installing a new chiller along with new chilled water piping throughout the entire building . In addition to the newly added cooling capacity, HiMEC also replaced all of the existing rooftop units with custom rooftop units that provided more capacity and much more efficient heating.

The HiMEC team needed to install a portion of the piping within an existing small crawl space / tunnel that ran under the length of the school. Work was completed using confined space procedures and with permits in place. HiMEC was also able to improve upon the proposed chilled water piping route. In collaboration with the engineer and project coordinator, the team was able to devise a new piping route, which reduced final project cost for the customer and improved the efficiency of their facility.