Cascade Meadow

Wetlands & environmental science center

  • Owner:
    Cascade Meadow
  • Location:
    Rochester, MN
  • Size:
    16,000 sq ft
  • Approach:
    Plan & Spec
  • Scope:
    HVAC, Plumbing, Piping, GeoExchange/Thermal, Temperature Controls, LEED Platinum

HiMEC Mechanical provided a broad range of mechanical services for the construction of the wetlands & environmental science center Cascade Meadow.

Designed to operate as a high performance green building, the project incorporated energy-efficient construction, passive solar design, and focused on meeting indoor environmental quality and renewable energy standards.

To meet the project’s goal to use 53% less energy than current building code standards, HiMEC installed a solar hot water system, three photovoltaic panels, horizontal and vertical wind turbines, and geothermal coils.  An extensive stormwater management program that utilized native plants green roofs, a bio-retention cell system, and pervious pavements were also incorporated.