Minneapolis Children’s Hospital

Pharmacy Relocation Project

  • Owner:
    Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota
  • Location:
  • Approach:
  • Scope:
    HVAC, Piping, Med Gas, Temperature Controls, Fire Protection

Harris Mechanical and Harris Controls teams collaborated on this state-of-the-art inpatient pharmacy conveniently located on the first floor of the hospital. The pharmacy relocation project was a complete design-build effort aiming to transform an existing hospital space into a new inpatient pharmacy that satisfied the needs of the Minneapolis Children’s Hospital.

The goal of the design and subsequent construction was to provide the hospital with a fail-safe, stand-alone mechanical system for three new clean rooms.  In order to make this possible, an existing conference room was renovated into a mechanical room to house a specialized air handling unit.  The air handling unit contains duplicate supply air fans each sized for full load and a chilled water coil. Chilled water is supplied to the unit via a fully redundant, dual circuited nominal 15 ton chiller located on the roof of the existing hospital.  Each clean room has an independent reheat coil and electric humidification system to provide individual room environmental specifications and comfort.  Side-by-side redundant exhaust fans were installed to exhaust the new hazardous drug clean room.  Outside of the clean rooms, auxiliary pharmacy space and offices were constructed with standard HVAC piping, duct and plumbing methods.