Devon Tower

Devon Energy Corporation's new world headquarters

  • Owner:
    Devon Energy Corporation
  • Location:
    Oklahoma City, OK
  • Size:
    1,800,000 sq ft
  • Approach:
    Plan & Spec
  • Scope:

The 52 floor Devon Tower is one of Oklahoma City’s most visible landmarks and was designed as an office headquarters for Devon Energy, but also a place for people to enjoy dining and views from the upper floors.
This high profile, LEED Gold certified skyscraper presented Superior with major challenges. With so many floors to traverse, the coordination of materials and the vertical transportation of manpower, became a major organizational hurdle for all the trades to coordinate.
Superior approached the problem by pre-assembling sections of ductwork and assigning crews exclusively to the movement and management of materials, typically during off hours. This tactic helped minimize schedule duration and trade stacking, while maximizing production.
Superior used its expertise in lean building and sustainable construction to help Devon Energy successfully receive LEED Gold Certification.