East Valley Bus Operations Center

Operations & Maintenance Facility Renovation

  • Owner:
    City of Tempe, AZ
  • Location:
    Tempe, AZ
  • Scope:
    HVAC, Piping, Temperature Controls

This project included the renovation of the existing East Valley Bus Operations Center. Scope of work included removing and replacing 34 existing under-floor air distribution terminal boxes located in the administration building. This work was completed in phases to accommodate staff working in the building during construction.

Scope also included overhead work to install four new supply air ducts and new controls for the under-floor terminal units. All units were tied in to existing BAS and test and balance was performed as well as commissioning.

Harris also performed work in the maintenance building and removed two DX condensing units at the existing air handling units and replaced them with new chilled water coils. This work had to be done in three days to minimize facility down-time.

Lastly, upgrades were installed for the facility’s existing carbon monoxide sensors and gas beam detection systems. Test and balance was performed as well as commissioning.