Gopher Resources

New Afterburner

  • Owner:
    Gopher Resources
  • Location:
    Tampa, FL
  • Approach:
  • Scope:
    Process Piping

Harris Mechanical installed a new afterburner for Gopher Resources Tampa facility. The scope included installation of a new afterburner, support structure, platforms, walkways, and necessary piping and duct to make operational.

The new afterburner was installed in an operating lead recycling smelter plant. Harris personnel needed to safely perform their work in an environment filled with lead dust and with ambient temperatures of  131 degrees Fahrenheit. Safety was an important consideration in delivering a successful project in these extreme conditions. Respirators, cold vests and other techniques were used to reduce risk and safely perform the work.

Besides providing for personal safety in this environment, Harris had to ensure minimal disruptions to the facility’s production.  Careful coordination by our on-site supervisor ensured the installation was done on time with minimal impact to their production.