New IKEA Store

  • Owner:
  • Location:
    Blooomington, MN
  • Scope:
    Plumbing, HVAC

IKEA is a 200,000 square foot stand-alone retail space located at the Mall of America.  Harris Companies was hired by Pepper Construction’s Retail Group to provide the plumbing and HVAC for the new IKEA store at the Mall of America.  In addition to large showroom spaces designed for high visibility and flexibility, the IKEA store feature amenities not normally found in big box retail – restaurant, lounge, escalators, etc.  Functional spaces included office, self-serve department, as-is department and various showrooms.

Large rooftop units fed exposed spiral duct to HVAC zones.  The plumbing system featured a siphonic roof drain system that was designed with significantly smaller diameter piping and installed with a flat pitch.  When it rains, the drain system creates a suction that increases flow.  Compared to a traditional roof drain system, a siphonic system is less noticeable architecturally and can be run flat for very long lengths.

This project was completed safely, on time and under budget.