Marriott Library

University of Utah Library Occupant Comfort Retrofit

  • Owner:
    University of Utah
  • Location:
    Salt Lake City, UT
  • Approach:
    Plan & Spec
  • Scope:
    HVAC, Piping, Temperature Controls

Wasatch Controls worked to improve the quality of the Marriott Library’s occupant comfort by providing a retrofit of VAV air handling systems and controls including piping modifications. To avoid disrupting students and faculty, Wasatch made special arrangements to work during Fall Break when the library had fewer users. Sections of the library were roped off to keep the occupants safe and reduce disturbances.

Since the library is home to thousands of books and many rare and antique copies, it was imperative that piping occur without exposing books to water. Wasatch successfully performed change-out piping carefully, safely and without any damage.