Molycorp Project Phoenix

Rare earth metals mine relies on Quality Mechanical for high-tech project

  • Owner:
    Molycorp, Inc.
  • Location:
    Mountain Pass, CA
  • Approach:
  • Scope:
    HVAC, Plumbing, Process Piping

Molycorp Project Phoenix is a remote, heavy rare earth concentrate facility located in Mountain Pass, CA. Rare earth material is used in the construction of computers, silicon chips, cell phones, high-yield batteries, military technology and other high-tech applications.

The mining process at Project Phoenix involves technology and processes in use for the first time. The mine’s unique specifications required Quality Mechanical to adapt new welding procedures as it installed the┬ámine’s tanks and process piping on the 86 acre site. All piping and welds had to stand up to the caustic materials required to extract rare earth metals from the soil. Quality put the emphasis on safety and quality control as it installed special alloy piping to precise standards.