Music City Center

  • Owner:
    Convention Center Board Authority
  • Location:
    Nashville, TN
  • Scope:
    HVAC, Mechanical Systems, LEED

Music City Center is a 1.2 million square foot, gathering space featuring an exhibit hall, grand ball room, meeting rooms and parking complex.

Superior Air Handling teamed with longtime partner Foley Company, to fabricate and install 2,400,000 pounds of sheet metal for the HVAC ductwork. Superior also furnished and installed 62 air handling units totaling more than 1,800,000 cubic feet per minute of ventilation.

The immense fabrication effort required 35,500 shop hours which brought work to Superior’s Utah facility and a local Nashville fabricator. At the project’s peak, 80 tradespeople were on site to install the prefabricated sheet metal and ductwork.

BIM and 3D technology, played a crucial role in successfully completing the project. Clash detection helped Superior solve problems early and coordinate with other trades to avoid issues in tight areas. Successful use of BIM helped reduce wasted time and resources and provided a productive means of communication between the trades.