Radisson Hotel & Water Park of America

Construction of a new hotel and water park

  • Owner:
    The Wirth Companies
  • Location:
    Bloomington, MN
  • Approach:
  • Scope:
    Plumbing, Piping, HVAC, Controls, Fire Protection

Harris Companies was contracted to provide the plumbing and HVAC mechanical scope for the Radisson Hotel Bloomington construction and was later awarded the mechanical scope for the water park as well. The HVAC and plumbing systems were installed floor-by-floor, starting on the ground floor. Due to the size of this job, over 5000 sleeved penetrations were made through the poured concrete floors for plumbing and HVAC.

For the first time, a large portion of the plumbing for the project was prefabricated in-house. Over 12,000 feet of pipe was cut and then installed on-site. 2000 square feet of snowmelt was also installed under the entrance of the underground parking garage. Since the entrance is on a slope, this will help to avoid accidents throughout the winter and provide a safe entrance for drivers.

HVAC piping and sanitary plumbing was provided for the water park portion of the project; including piping for the public showers, drainage systems for the pool, and the heating and heat recovery system for the pools and water park space. Both the hotel and water park were completed in May of 2006 ahead of schedule.