Saint Olaf College Old Music Hall

Renovation & Remodel

  • Owner:
    Saint Olaf College
  • Location:
    Northfield, MN
  • Scope:
    HVAC, Plumbing, Piping

The Old Music Hall now houses Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science offices and computer labs, but its two top floors are still used as music practice rooms.

During this 14,000 square foot renovation, all old mechanical and plumbing systems were demolished and reinstalled. Additions included a DX unit and air conditioning unit for the computer lab.

HIMEC eliminated the need for fin tube radiation in several locations by installing air diffusers that were located near the windows therefore saving the cost of installing the piping and equipment for the fin tube system. Pre-fabricated piping for mechanical rooms, variable air volume (VAV) boxes which made a more efficient installation at the job-site. Trimmed out plumbing fixtures at the fabrication shop made for a much faster installation on site.