Solana Solar Generating Station

Harris installs over 170,000 linear feet of pipe

  • Location:
    Gila Bend, AZ
  • Size:
    1,920 acre site area
  • Approach:
    Plan & Spec
  • Scope:
    Piping, Process Piping

Harris Mechanical Southwest completed a total of six projects for the Solana Generating Station.  The solar power plant located near Gila Bend, AZ, features parabolic shaped mirrors mounted on structures that track the sun and concentrate the sun’s rays to heat water into steam to power a conventional turbine.

Harris installed over 170,000 linear feet of large bore carbon steel welded pipe with a dedicated workforce of as many as 175 onsite employees, who worked up to two 12 hour shifts seven days a week to meet the aggressive startup schedule.

The Solana project presented an interesting problem for Harris and for Local 469 welders. To meet the aggressive scheduling demands, the team experimented with flux-cored welding. This unusual technique worked well on the large bore carbon steel pipes the team was working on and was crucial to completing the project on-schedule.