Solar Energy Research Center (SERC)

New sustainable research facility

  • Owner:
    University of California Berkeley
  • Location:
    Berkeley, CA
  • Size:
    40,000 sq ft
  • Approach:
    Plan & Spec
  • Scope:

The Solar Energy Research Center is a LEED Silver certified laboratory dedicated to finding alternative fuels. Superior Air Handling was contracted to provide the HVAC ductwork and piping for a new 40,000 square foot facility.

The SERC project had limited lay down area which required just in time delivery on all materials and equipment. Additionally, the street along the north side of the project had to remain open for traffic at all times. The lack of space was a major challenge for Superior to overcome.

The project required two critical lifts to load two large air handling units, two 40 foot exhaust stacks, two boilers, a 16′ X 40′ plenum, two large exhaust fans, two HEPA filters, two heat recovery units and all associated duct and supports. Superior supplied the crane, lift plan and personnel to execute both lifts. With the crane already in place, Superior was also able to lift items for other subcontractors.

With a tight time schedule to complete the project, BIM coordination was a must for meeting the client’s expectation. Superior’s BIM model helped the trades coordinate and catch early clashes resulting in a smooth installation process.