University of Kentucky Albert B. Chandler Hospital

New Pavilion A building replaces former hospital building

  • Owner:
    University of Kentucky
  • Location:
    Lexington, KY
  • Size:
    1.1 million sq ft
  • Approach:
    Plan & Spec
  • Scope:

The University of Kentucky’s new Pavilion A at Albert B. Chandler Hospital is the cornerstone of a 20-year construction plan for this academic medical campus of the future. This 1.1 million sq ft hospital was completed in two phases, allowing for the step-by-step replacement of the hospital’s existing Pavilion.

Superior Air Handling performed the HVAC build-out for this facility, fabricating and installing over 728,000 pounds of ducting for the air distribution systems. Extensive MEP systems and congested spaces made implementation of a robust building modeling process key to the success of this project. This BIM process involved the participation of all MEP contractors under the leadership of Turner Construction which enabled efficient installation of systems, minimizing rework and scheduling conflicts.