University of Minnesota TCF Bank Stadium Improvements

New heated field and heating system upgrades ready stadium for winter Vikings home games

  • Owner:
    University of Minnesota
  • Location:
    Minneapolis, MN
  • Size:
    50,000 seat stadium
  • Approach:
  • Scope:
    install hydronic heated field and upgrade heating systems

Harris Mechanical recently completed the TCF Bank Stadium Improvements project for the University of Minnesota installing a new heated field and upgrading various heating systems.

In order to serve as the temporary home for the Minnesota Vikings until the U.S. Bank Stadium is completed in 2016, the University’s TCF Bank Stadium was in need of some key improvements to meet specific NFL mandates and to accommodate both fans and players for the upcoming winter months.

To help improve playing conditions for athletes during the colder months, Harris installed a heated field that utilizes the existing steam system, redundant shell and tube heat exchangers, redundant pumps, and over 38 miles of hydronic pipe.

Aquatherm hydronic pipe, a popular choice for athletic fields in Europe, was selected for this Design/Build project and was used for the first time in the United States for a field. Selection of this piping system was made based off the piping properties of polypropylene, the O2 diffusion rate, and the manufacturer’s warranty.

To ensure cold weather plumbing functionality in restroom and concession areas, Harris also upgraded various heating systems throughout the stadium.