Xcel Energy 5th Street Project

Substation Transformer Cooling System Replacement Project

  • Owner:
    Xcel Energy
  • Location:
    Minneapolis, MN
  • Scope:
    Closed Loop Cooling System Installation

Harris Mechanical worked as the prime contractor for Xcel Energy’s 5th Street Substation Transformer Cooling System Replacement project. The project involved demolishing the existing cooling system and installing an efficient, closed-loop system to service the new transformer.

Prior to the closed loop system Harris installed, Xcel was drawing their cooling water from two deep wells. Xcel decided this system was not a sustainable use of groundwater and made plans to replace it.

Harris took special safety precautions on this project. Work around high-voltage transformers requires special protective gear and a unique set of precautions and protocol. Safety planning was an important part of the preconstruction and construction processes.

In addition, the project involved work done on a busy downtown street with limited lay-down areas. Scheduling needed to accommodate shutting down a block for crane work as well as coordination in to get supplies into the work area at the correct times.