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Bundled Energy Solutions (BES)
With our innovative Bundled Energy Solutions (BES), you can make all the energy improvements you need now – with no upfront capital. The BES approach allows you to work within your existing budget – no matter how tight – to revitalize your energy infrastructure. All the costs, including upfront engineering, construction, and maintenance services, can be financed, which allows the project to proceed, without the need for capital funds.

Our proven experience in facility management and expertise in energy performance allows us to create a program designed specifically to maximize your facility’s energy efficiency and lower your total cost of operations.

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Detailed Assessment and Analysis – We assess your current equipment and system condition and energy usage, recommend enhancements, and provide a potential savings analysis. This includes coordination with your local utilities to capture available rebates.

Expert Project Management – We assume ownership and accountability for the entire project, from kick-off through the final walk-through and beyond. All our work is conducted by our highly-trained & experienced staff of energy specialists.

Continuous Measurement & Verification – We conduct ongoing monthly and annual monitoring of energy consumption, and measure the performance of the enhancements against the projected energy savings as part of the BES service.

Guaranteed Performance – We offer a performance guarantee based on operational and energy savings.

Reduced Operational Costs – BES helps manage energy utilization across your organization and reduce the costs of operation by reducing energy costs, increasing staff productivity, reducing downtime and equipment costs, reducing environmental impact and enhancing governmental compliance.